Operatori di pace vs. operatori di guerra

da Haaretz, 18:30 17.06.10

Israel announces let-up to Gaza siege - but only in English

Prime Minister's office issues two statements, one in English announcing plan to ease blockade, one in Hebrew omitting to mention the decision. 

[...] The cabinet ministers held a long discussion on Wednesday and another one Thursday morning on the topic of altering Israel's policy following the three-year siege on the Hamas ruled territory. [...] During both meetings, many ministers voiced their opinions regarding the blockade, and the defense establishment presented the plans for the "liberalization" of the blockade. However, upon concluding the discussions, the ministers did not vote on any binding practical draft of the decision. In fact, the policy by which the government is currently bound is the one decided by the security cabinet during the previous term of former prime minister Ehud Olmert, by which the blockade remains as it was. [...]
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